Assalam alaykum

Eid mubarak everyone.

In this year’s Ramadan we were able to provide about 15,000 Iftar here in Tokyo Camii by the grace and helping of Allah and support of the generous sponsors.
We hope that Allah accept yours and our fasting, prayers and good deeds.  
We would like to say Thank you to all the sponsors for the kind donations to Tokyo camii. Jazakumullahu khair.

There’s something we’d like to ask everyone in order to celebrate today’s Eid smoothly.

This masjid is the place where Japanese people to meet Islam and you may be the first Muslim to see in their life.

So they will know Islam through your behaviors you make or words you speak or actions you take, then finally will be recognized as a culture of Muslims.

So, please let people see the TRUE Islam by You.

We have been complained from the neighbors so far, 

· Please do not littering on the road. Take trash home with you.

· Do not smoke around Camii. In this Shibuya Ward there are tobacco ban on any road.

· please do not park on the road illegally and do not stop your car in front of a neighbor’s house, ooorconvenience store, (Lawson). Please use coin parking oruse public transportation.

· When bringing in children Please keep an eye on them.
Please do not gather at the entrance, on the road after the prayer

· Please see that you leave nothing behind  (umbrella. Etc..)


(* If there is a second worship)

After worship is over please move for another brother or sister waiting outside and change the place.

Once you have finished praying due to the incoming traffic, we request that you not linger and depart promptly change the spot for other brothers and sisters.

Eid mubarak