Jumuah Prayer Time at 12:45PM

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JUMUAH Prayer time at 12:45PM

Welcome to reservation system of Tokyo Camii

This is a reservation form for Ramadan 2019 / 1440H (5 May ~ 4 June)
Japanese or Group ?
We accept a group of 5 Persons as most!
Are you a Muslim?
Muslims are welcome without reservation

No action required, please fell free to come without a reservation.

Unless you are in group, please deactivate Muslim button then,
activate [ Japanese or Group ? ] button above...

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Reservation will be open at : May 2018

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For more information or any other request, please contact us!

Click on button to for filling contact form.

Reservation: How to do!

Reservation will be accepted from 2017-05-27 to 2017-06-24.

The Iftar timing starts from Maghreb (Sunset). Since the start time changes little by little day by day, please refer to the timetable of Ramadan Prayer time.

  1. If you are not Muslim and/or in group, please activate “Non Muslim or Group?” Button.
  2. Please fill in your Full Name, Mail, Phone Number and Iftar Date (Eating Date).
  3.  If you are coming by more than one please be sure to choose the number of people, then fill in the needed fields.
  4. The reservation is completed with the transmission of the following form, but it may be refused depending on the crowded condition of the day. We will notify you if we refuse.
  1. The reservation is possible only once per person during the Ramadan period.
  2. Reservations with groups are limited to 5 people at one time.
  3. Men and women are separate. For families as well, it is different for men and women, but children under elementary school age can use either seat.

As soon as the number of seats is limited and people smoothly finish eating meals for fasting, please allow the seat to be vacated immediately for the next person.