Date and time: October 14, 2017 13: 00 ~ 14: 30
Location:  Tokyo Camii – Turkish Culture Center, 1st Floor Multipurpose Hall
Lecturer: Al Mansur Ahmad

This course will be a lecture for people who wish to know more about Islam, this event support Japanese language in an easy way to understand well in good manner of Islam.
We welcome anyone who want to participate and join us on this particular event, general public peoples, students, business and any religious belongs peoples.
Especially students who want to deepen their diverse knowledge as an international education, please join us and enjoy the stories witch are not being reached in other school or university.
And finally get ride of your behavior and curiosity then prepare your Questions, so we will Answer it at last section Q&A.

Participation is free, reservation is unnecessary, Please feel free to join us.

Introduction To The Islam