Honorable Brothers and Sisters!
Our Prophet (pbuh) one day addressed the people of Makkah from Safa hill near the Kaaba: “Would you believe me if I said there is an army waiting to attack you behind that valley?” In unison, the people said, “Yes, we would. For you are trustworthy. You are reliable. You are the example of righteousness and loyalty. We have never heard you lie.” Then, the Messenger of Grace told them, “I am warning you about a painful torment.” Then, before the people of Makkah, he called the entire humankind to believe Allah. He called them to find safety in faith, that is being safe from all sorts of fear and worry.
Honorable Believers!
The Almighty enjoins in the Holy Quran: “Indeed, we offered the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, and they declined to bear it and feared it; but man undertook to bear it.”
Brothers and Sisters!
Safety is the greatest blessing Allah granted us after faith. It is the blessing of trust. The Lord entrusted the universe with the humankind and ordered us to build a safe world. He wanted us to build a world where people would trust other people, neighbors would trust one another, and workers would trust each other. It is sad that we are going through a crisis of trust on a global scale today because the humankind cannot duly honor all that is entrusted to them. There are incidents constantly that shake the relations between individuals and societies. People’s relationship with one another and with nature gets worse every day. And every passing day our world becomes more unsafe.
I regret to say that the community of believers could not save itself from those grim incidents. Islamic cities known in history as “the places of peace and safety” are pillaged today in the grip of dark and lawless wars which know no ethics and fairness.
Dear Brothers and Sisters!
The common goal of all prophets was to preach the belief of oneness to people. It was to bring the faith to the hearts. It was to bring safety to hearts, minds, bodies, cities, and countries with faith. It was to offer people a society where their lives, their faith, their families, their property, and their honor were safe. The Prophet (pbuh), who had been sent as grace to the worlds, spent his life fighting for this. He established a tight bond between faith and safety and being a believer and trustworthy. He defined the believer as “Someone of whose hand and tongue others are sure.”
Brothers and Sisters!
As the ummah of the trustworthy prophet, our duty today is to be trustworthy believers. If we do that, then the safety and protection of the Almighty will be with us. He protects us from any fear, worry, concern, and grief. If we become trustworthy believers, then our houses, workplaces, neighborhoods, cities, countries, and world will be safe. Because a safe world can only be built by the hands of reliable people and trustworthy believers. Let us remember that religion is safety. The believer is the one who is trusted. The people are entrusted with humanity.
Honorable Brothers and Sisters!
I would like to conclude my khutbah with the following prayer: “O Allah! We seek refuge with you from mischief, enmity, hypocrisy, treachery, and bad character. Guard us against such evil deeds!