Dear Muslims!
The merciful month of Ramadan which is the most important position in our religious life will finish tomorrow. During this sacred month, we endeavored to fast, give zakah and sadaqa, do our religious duties and prayed as much as we could. And also, we exerted ourself to aid the needy, to read and listen to Quran amply, and to live the life in accordance with soil of Islam.
Dear Muslims!
Mumin has been given possibility to set a good example by their worships and by submitting to Allah completely. Ramadan with keen worship is the sacred period of time that gives mumin the opportunity to be decorated with beauties and goodness by purified from all bad and faulty behaviors. We must continue keeping the worship and good deeds equally after Ramadan was over. Because Our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) said: The most valuable worship near Allah is continual one even if unpretentious. [1] So, even if it’s after Ramadan, we should try to keep on both the worship and good deeds that we took pains to carry out during this month.
Dear Brothers and Sisters!
In Ramadan we have learnt the patience, to share and also to think the others. We have formed the scenes of unity and cooperation, meeting at iftar tables with friends and relatives.

Friday prayer khutba jumua (Ramadan Month of Quran)
Friday prayer khutba jumua 「Ramadan Month of Quran」


Then we lowered the wings of submission and humility unto the needy and tried to aid them as much as possible. Mosques were filled with special liveliness with the prayers of jamaa. Takbeers, duas and Quran recitations echoed in our domes.
We must keep carrying out these beauties and practices that we’ve done as both individual and society in all scenes of our life by every method. Let’s not forget that in this manner we will assist in being formed peaceful atmosphere in the society.
Dear Mumins!
To comply with the command of this verse, ‘And worship your Lord until there comes unto you the certainty (death)’ [2] in Surah of Al-Hijr, let’s perform our duties as servant of Allah (s.w.t.), who has bestowed countless favors upon us during our lifetime. Even if Ramadan is over, let’s continue trying to practice the Quran by reading its translation and tafsir. Let’s never leave our good ethical values we have gained. Let’s never disgrace our hearts with sins after we have purified by worship, sadaqa, good deeds and taubah.
May the help of Allah be upon us to the end.

[1] Buhârî, Îmân 32, Muslim, Musâfirîn 221.
[2] Al-Hijr, 15/99.