Friday Khutba of Tokyo Camii “PRAISE BE TO ALLAH ”


Honorable Muslims!
Jumu’ah mubarak! In this hour when prayers are accepted, may your hearts, homes, lives, and sustenance be filled with the abundance of divine blessings of Friday. On this most blessed day the sun rises over, may endless thanks and praise be to our Lord (swt), who has welcomed us in rows here before Him and enabled us to relive the joy of praying in congregation. “Praise to Allah, who has removed from us all sorrow. Our Lord is indeed Oft-Forgiving and Most Appreciative.” [1]
May salat and salam be upon the Prophet Muhammad the Most Beloved, who taught his ummah about cleanliness, tazkiyah (purification) and staying away from all kinds of dirt and dirty acts.

Dear Believers!
Friday is an eid day (festival) for Muslims and it has been celebrated since the ‘Asr al-Sa’adah in congregation at mosques in the best way. What other venues on earth are able to provide the peace and trust felt in the masjids of Allah the Almighty? As hearts beating with tawhid are reaching to sajdah in unity, where else can this joy of brotherhood be felt? Where else can hope and faith, comfort and submission, and affection and sincerity be enhanced this much as in the mosques? In mosques, knowledge and wisdom come in, and adab and ikhsan spread out. Adhans call Muslims of all ages to unity and togetherness. Praise be to Allah, we have heeded this call. We have been waiting for this day with longing and desire. Now is the time to unite. Words fail to adequately describe our feelings! It is the time to submit our servitude, gratefulness, prayers, and supplications to our Lord (swt).

My Brothers and Sisters!
Now, with the permission of Allah, we will perform the fardh rakats of the Friday prayer. Afterwards, we will leave from here without shaking hands, by paying attention to the physical/social distancing, and in compliance with the guidance provided by our officials. May Allah the Almighty accept our worships. May He (swt) save us from this pandemic disease in the shortest time possible. I would like to conclude this khutbah with Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) following du’a:  “O Allah! Help me to remember You, express gratitude to You, and worship You in the best manner!” [2]

[1] Fatir, 35/34.
[2] Abu Dawud, Witr, 26; Nasa’i, Sahw, 60.

Friday Khutba of Tokyo Camii “PRAISE BE TO ALLAH ”.(PDF)