[Tokyo Camii Special Open Lecture in Mar. 2023]”Human Heritage and People of Syria”

“Human Heritage and People of Syria”

Based in Aleppo, she was engaged in archaeological excavations and training the next generation. Currently, as a founder of “Ibra wa Khayt” (meaning “needle and thread” in Arabic), Ms. Yayoi Yamazaki, who works to support the self-reliance of Syrian women who are trapped in a high-intensity protracted conflict, will talk about archeology and people involved in archeology.

Lecturer: Ms. Yayoi YAMAZAKI(Archeologist/Founder of “Ibra wa Khayt”)
Date: Mar. 25 (Sat) 13:00~14:30; Free to Join & Facebook live broadcast

Concurrent event: Charity mini bazaar for Support Syria
Place: Tokyo Camii Annex B1F Ertuğrul Hall
Language: Japanese