[Starting on September 5th: online available] Arabic Class for beginner/intermediate

Arabic Class September 2021 starts

[Starting on September 5th: online available] Arabic Class for beginner/intermediate

Arabic is one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations, is the official language of 27 countries, and is the common language of Muslim intellectuals worldwide. For those who want to learn Arabic, we have prepared two levels.

Beginners begin with reading and pronouncing Arabic letters and have elementary daily conversations (self-introduction, greetings, etc.). For intermediate students, try to increase your vocabulary and acquire basic grammar. In addition to printing, we will use illustrations and picture books to make clearly understandable the lessons. Let’s enjoy learning Arabic together.

Instructor: Reem Ahmad (Ph.D.)
Obtained masters and a doctoral degree from Sophia University (Global Studies – Area Studies). Having experienced as a lecturer at Cairo University (Egypt/On leave)an Arabic instructor at the Egyptian Embassy in Japan, Aoyama NHK Culture Center, and Language and Culture Research Institute, Takushoku University.

2008-2012: NHK Educational “Arabic on TV.”
2011-2017: The Open University of Japan “Introductory Arabic.”

Eligibility for Participation
Your gender, nationality, and religion do not matter as long as you can understand the lessons in Japanese. Parents and children can also participate from the first grade of elementary school and above.

Course dates and locations

Schedule: Starts September 5, 2021, Every Sunday 10 times in total (Tuition fee: 18,000 yen for both beginners and intermediates)
Beginners 10: 30-12: 00
Intermediate 13: 30-15: 00

Location: Beginner – Tokyo Camii ANNEX B1F Ertugrul Hall
Intermediate – Tokyo Camii ANNEX 3F lecture room

* Depending on the circumstances, such as events and ceremonies, we may ask you to move the classroom within Tokyo Camii. Please note.
* If you are in a distant place or want to avoid outings, you can take the course online (Zoom).

Application / Inquiry
If you would like to participate, please include your name and experience learning Arabic and use the Contact us page or email us at activity@tokyocamii.org. We will send you an application form with details. We also accept inquiries and questions. Please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to your participation.

When you participate, please give priority to your own physical condition. When participating, please measure body temperature and bring your own mask. Thank you so much for being so cooperative in the prevention of infectious diseases. Your action is highly appreciated to keep everyone’s health and reassurance.