Eid Announcement

Assalam alaykum brothers and sisters

We are pleased to announce that Eid-ul Adha prayer will take place on Tuesday 21st August at Tokyo Camii from 8:30 AM inshaAllah. May Allah bless us all with His Rahmah and Barakah of these blessed days of Zul Hijja.

Here are the details:

Date: Tuesday August 21, 2018/ H1439

Time: 8:30 AM

Women‘s Prayer Area : 1F
Women‘s Wudu Area : B1
Men‘s Prayer Area : 2F, 3F
Men‘s Wudu Area : 1F

Please carefully read important note as follows:

・Please make Wudu at home before coming to Masjid.
・Keep your children in your company.
・Please keep quiet during Khutba.
・No Food or Beverages allowed inside the prayer hall.
・Non-Muslim visitors allowed to enter Masjid after 2 PM.
・Please cooperate with our staff and follow their instructions

★ Parking 
・A parking lot is not available please use public transportation.
・Parking on the side streets of Tokyo Camii in the neighborhood will not be tolerated.
When you park your car illegally and if it blocks a sidewalk or neighbor’s private garage, your car might be towed due to parking violation.

★ Our neighbors
Please be mindful of our neighbors all the time.

・Don’t make a noise and loud voices.
・No smoking (Smoking is banned on the streets of all the main wards of Tokyo even though we found discarded cigarette butts in front of Masjid every day.)
・No littering (You need to carry your trash with you.)
・No loitering on sidewalk (Please respect the tranquility of the residential neighborhood and keep the noise level down.)

Muslims should respect the neighbors and they will respect “Islam” insha Allah!

We would appreciate your understanding and corporation for this special occasion.

For the sake of Allah, if you would like to contribute to Tokyo Camii with a donation Sadaqa boxes are available in the Masjid and 1st floor. Thank you.

Eid-ul Adha Mubarak, we wish you a very blessed Eid..