This Saturday, Turkish Republic’s new ambassador to Tokyo Embassy Mr. Mercan and his wife made their first visit to Tokyo Camii after their coming to Tokyo this Friday. They inquired and inspected about ongoing construction of new building for Diyanet Tokyo Turkish Culture Center.

Mr and Mrs. Mercan, visited in early afternoon and gathered information about current situation of Muslims in Japan from our Imam Rasit Alas, afterwards they attended to Afternoon(Dhuhr) Prayer and conversed with Muslims and Japanese visitors of Tokyo Camii. They also witnessed a Japanese become a Muslim which was a pleasant suprise to them.

Mr. Mercan also visited to ongoing construction for Diyanet Tokyo Turkish Culture Center and gathered information from Chief of Construction about initial progress of project.

Finally, Mr. Mercan answered questions of Turkish citizen living in Tokyo and talked with them about their daily hardships in Japan. Afterwards, Mr. and Mrs. Mercan left the Tokyo Cami with their contentment.