Message fromImam Khatib of Tokyo Camii, Çınar, regarding Hijra New Year

Muhammet Rıfat ÇINAR

Saturday, July 30, marks the beginning of the month of Muharram and the 1444th year of Hijra calendar, which dates from the Hijra (Emigration) of Prophet Muhammad from Makkah to Medina.
Hijra, a new beginning for Muslims, is also a historic turning point for all human beings.

What made Hijra so essential and meaningful was the Prophet Muhammad’s determination to change the inhumane practices of Jahiliyyah, and Muslims’ unwavering faith in Allah, who chooses right over wrong.
Hijra teaches us that we must never despair when facing difficulties and hardships, and we must up against them with faith, courage, perseverance, and preparation. It shows that great victories can be won only by preparation, submission to Allah, surrender to Allah and fighting with determination.

Hijra carried out when all ways were closed, hardships became unbearable, and calamities one after another befell Muslims, shows that Allah Almighty will surely open the way to those who value human rights and righteousness.
Therefore, we must nourish the spirit of Hijra, embrace the values brought by Hijra, and do our best to spread goodness on the earth.
With such emotions and thoughts, I would like to congratulate the Hijra New Year of all Muslims. I pray Allah Almighty that the consciousness of modifying from wrong to right, from falsehood to truth, from cruelty to righteousness, from hatred to mercy, always lives in our hearts.

Muhammet Rıfat Çınar
Imam of Tokyo Camii