【Jan. 26(Thu) 18:25~】Program of The Night of Rajab

【January 26 (Thu) 18:25~】Program of The Night of Rajab

Dear Friends!
The night that connects Thursday, January 26, to Friday, January 27, is the Night of Rajab. Endless praise to our Almighty Lord, who brought us to this blessed night, and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet, whose nation we are honored to be.

We look forward to your presence with your family members for the “Regaib Kandili Special Program” to be held at the Tokyo Mosque after the night prayer on Thursday, January 26.

On this occasion, we congratulate our Regaib Night and pray to our Almighty Lord that it will benefit the Islamic world and all humanity.

18:25 Isha and Tasbih
19:00 Recitation of Quran, Tasbih, Discourse, and Dua
20:00 Supper, Dessert, and Tea