Tokyo Camii Institute Research Center

Tokyo Camii Institute Research Center

We, Tokyo Camii Diyanat Foundation, are pleased to announce the establish of the new research center under the Tokyo Camii Institute, established as a place to research and study Islam and Türkiye cultures and to present the results both domestically and internationally widely. This facility named Tokyo Camii Institute Research Center aims to become a major resource for researchers studying Islam and Türkiye in Japan. In this context, the new research center will be equipped with a rich collection of Islamic books and works, providing an ideal environment for researchers who wish to conduct in-depth studies in this field.

Goals and Vision:

  • Research and Information Sharing: Support research on Islamic culture, history, and science and share the results with the public
  • Library and Resource: Collect a wide range of books and works related to Islam and share information sources that contribute to academic research
  • Academic and Cultural Events: Organize seminars, conferences, and workshops to enhance information exchange among researchers and related parties
  • Domestic and International Collaborations: Cooperate with academic institutions in Türkiye and other countries around the world to share research results in a broader platform


  • Extensive Book and Work Collection: Comprehensive library with an extensive collection of books and papers on Islam and Türkiye
  • Modern Research Facilities: Quiet and comfortable study areas, Internet access, and access to digital resources for researchers
  • Cultural Connections: Educational open space to those who wish to learn about Islam and Türkiye

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Support and Donations:

To realize this vision, we need the contributions of our valued supporters. Your donations will be used to establish and maintain the Tokyo Camii Institute Research Center, expanding the library’s collection and provide the latest research facilities.

Donation Information:

  • Bank Account Number: 

    Japan Post Bank
    Branch: Ishi-San-Hachi (138)
    To: Shukyohojin Tokyo Camii Diyanet
    Number: 0650733

    Mitsubishi UFJ
    Branch: Yoyogiuehara (137)
    To: Shukyohojin Tokyo Camii Diyanet
    Number: 0026717

  • Online Donation: DONATE NOW (Online donations will be accepted starting from July 2, 2024.)


Spreading the light of knowledge with you will help build a better society. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support.


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  • Phone: +81-3-5790-0760
  • Address: 1-19 Ōyama-chō, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan