Donation Request

donation request

Update on July 28: Online donation is now available.
Please see the link below.

Thank you very much for your warm support.

Donation to Tokyo Camii
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Dear friends and followers of Tokyo Camii,

We always thank you for your kind support to date.

We all go through hard times due to the COVID-19 virus, which affects the whole world. Living under these circumstances reminds us that we are always in each other's hearts and that we should support each other.

As you know, Tokyo Camii is the representative of Islam, the religion of peace and fraternity, and offers the best examples of arts & cultures of Islamic civilization. We need your support more than ever to sustain for many years to come. To contribute to Tokyo Camii, which is the common cultural heritage of humanity, we would like you to support us through visiting our page or link as follows:

During this hard time, prayers and concerns are with you all, and we hope you join our prayers.

Best Regards,


2020.04.05. Donation Request (PDF)