Cancellation announcement and Message on the occasion of Berat Night from Tokyo Camii

My precious brothers and sisters,

It is the blessed Berat Night Tuesday, April 7 to Wednesday, April 8.

The night of Berat is something extraordinary. Our Lord surrounded His servants with mercy and forgiveness. The night of Berat is the time to repent our sins, to ask the mercy of Allah Almighty, and to be saved by His grace. Tonight is the time for our nafs to leave its desires and temptations, and promise to be servant pleasing our Lord’s pleasure.

The Night of Berat is the night that our Lord bestowed his servants. Wherever we are, it is Allah who will cure our troubles, resolves our problems, and heals our illnesses. Everything happens only by His will. So let us remember and pray to our Lord, consider the Berat Night as an opportunity for all humanity, especially our community, the Ummah, to enjoy their health.

We regret that we are not able to perform the Kandil Program at Tokyo Camii tonight due to preventing infection of COVID-19.
On Berat night, we are not able to run to our masjid in enthusiasm as usual. Believers are not able to stand shoulder to shoulder in prayers, open hands in duas. However, each of us, together with our families, has the opportunity to turn our homes into masjids.

On this occasion, we congratulate your Berat Night and wish health and wellness to all humanity.

Our Lord! Accept our prayers as you accept the prayer of Ayyub (as)! Bestow Your healing to our patients, as you bestowed healing to him! Just as You eliminated his troubles, relieve us from problems. May Allah give us the mercy that He provided to him.