【Start April 17】”Journey through the Quran(2021)” by IIDR

Journey through the Quran (2021)

[Journey Through the Quran – Online Intensive Quran Studies starts on April 17, 2021]⠀

Islamic Institute for Development & Research (IIDR), the organization based in London, has announced its intensive courses for the Month of Ramadan as follows.

By attending these courses, you’ll learn:⠀
– 99 personal development lessons based on Quranic teachings⠀
– Key messages, themes, and stories ⠀
– A summary of all 114 chapters⠀
– How to apply Quranic values in our daily lives

Starting: Saturday 17th April 2021
Course fees: usually $150 USD but now offered FREE
Sign up:⠀bit.ly/RamadanQuran2021

For more information, please visit:
Islamic Institute for Development & Research