【1442/2021 Ramadan】Information on Zakat ul Fitr

1442/2021 Zakat ur Fitr

【1442/2021 Ramadan】Information on Zakat ul Fitr

Tokyo Camii Accepts Zakat ul Fitr by wire transfer. It is 1500yen per person.

Mitsubishi UFJ
Yoyogi Uehara 137
Shukyo Hojin Nihon Diyanat 普通001594

Branch code 018
Shukyo Hojin Nihon Diyanat 10100-96288831

The entrusted Zakat and Fitr will be used for 251 students educated in Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Spine, Persian, and Russian at Imam Hatip School in Turkey, and students abroad, mainly Cambodia, who need financial assistance.