a Message on the Anniversary of Abdürreşid İbrahim’s Passing

Abdurreşid İbrahim

Imam of Tokyo Camii, Cinar, addressed a message on the anniversary of Abdürreşid İbrahim’s passing.


I’d like to commemorate the Ottoman Traveler and Muslim Sholar Abdürreşid İbrahim Efendi’s 77th anniversary of his passing with compassion and gratitude. Following Allah’s command of “walk on earth,” he entrusted his innocent children to Allah and embarked on a long journey for divine purposes. He devoted himself to the path of serving the religion of Islam, endured all kinds of difficulties to make ensure the recognition of Islam as an authentic religion in Japan, contributed to the construction of Tokyo Camii, and served as its first Imam Khatib.

May his soul rest in peace, and may his place in Jannah be exalted.

Muhammet Rıfat ÇINAR
Imam of Tokyo Camii