[Sep 24 (Fri) & 25 (Sat)] Accept your Donation for Food Giveaway

Free Food Giveaway: Donation request

Accept your Donation for Food Giveaway

We accept your support for the Free Food Giveaway scheduled for September 26th (Sun). Your donation is highly appreciated.

We Accept…

– Rice, Pasta, etc.
– Products of Halal Market
– Non-alcohol bevarages

*Must be unopened
*Must not be frozen / refrigerated / fresh food
*Must have 2 months or more best-by date

Reception period: September 24(Fri), 25(Sat) 10:00~19:00
*Please send by mail or bring directly.
*Please bear the cost of mailing/transportation to the venue.

Address: 1-19 Oyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0065 Tokyo Camii and Diyanet Turkish Culture Center


Special thanks to Nonaka Lab of Keio Univ.Symbiosis Project for Muslim