Message from Muhammet Rıfat Cinar, Imam of the Tokyo Camii, on the Ragha’ib Night and the Three Months

Muhammet Rıfat ÇINAR

Message from Muhammet Rıfat Cinar, Imam of the Tokyo Camii, on the Ragha’ib Night and the Three Months

Dear Believers!

We are excited to reach the spiritual climate of the Three Holy Months once again. Tomorrow is the first day of Rajab that is the herald of Ramadan. The night that turns next Thursday to Friday is the Night of Ragha’ib. May thanks and praises be to Allah the Almighty (swt) who has enabled us to make it to this season of mercy and forgiveness. May salat and salam be to the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (saw) who joined our hearts with Islam’s unique beauty. May the Three Holy Months and the Night of Ragha’ib be blessed for our great nation and the Muslim world.

Each moment of our life is priceless. But there are also special times when the Almighty Allah (swt) offers His grace and blessings for His servants in abundance. The Three Holy Months, namely Rajab, Sha’ban, and Ramadan, are what can be called as the gates opening, one after another, to blessings. These exceptional times are conducive to our material and spiritual salvation, and to our eternal peace and bliss. The Three Holy Months is a period of time for us to review our life that passes like the wind. It is the time to reflect, turn to ourselves, have peace of mind, and deepen our spiritual life.
Let us turn, with our entire existence, to our Lord (swt) to earn His appreciation in these blessed times. Let our hearts soften, and our souls attain peace. Let our nafs be purified by staying away from any kind of sins and useless affairs. Let our principle be to live sincerely and race in benevolence and piety. Let our tongues and hearts supplicate in the Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) words as, “O Allah! Bless us in the month of Rajab and Sha’ban, and make us reach the month of Ramadan.”

While I have those feelings and thoughts, I would like to congratulate our beloved nation and the whole Islamic world for the blessed three months which surrounded our souls and relieved our hearts. I pray to our Almighty Allah that the three months will be instrumental in the solidarity and well-being of Muslims and will lead to the peace and tranquility of humanity.

Muhammet Rıfat Çınar
Imam of Tokyo Camii