The donation campaign had finished. Thank you so much for your support and contributions.

Syria has been experiencing one of the greatest human tragedies of the century since 2011, and the situation of Syrians continues to be painful.

Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, which has been operating in the region from the first moment, plans and provides donations to those in need by visiting orphanages, camps, tent cities, and houses across the border with teams and partners in the region.
Türkiye Diyanet Foundation continues charity work by distributing food, cleaning utensils, shelter, kitchen products, and clothing for families in poverty due to the civil war.

In addition to these, hot meals for 15 thousand people and 160 thousand bread are prepared and distributed in the logistic center of the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation and the bakeries in Syria to families daily.

You can help Syrians with their various needs daily by supporting this campaign. You can choose and contribute by donating the following amounts: 1,000JPY, 2,000JPY, 5,000JPY or 10,000JPY.

We would appreciate it if you could transfer money to the account as follow. We look forward to your support.

Bank Accounts

Mitsubishi UFJ Yoyogiuehara 137
Shukyohojin Nihon Diyanet
Futsuu 0372654

Japan Post Branch code 018
Shukyohojin Nihon Diyanet

Please send us a confirmation EMAIL ( with your full name, the amount of money, and the photo of the transfer notice with the writing “Follow Charity” after transferring your donation.