Message from Cinar, Imam of Tokyo Camii on Lailat al-Qadr

Muhammet Rıfat ÇINAR

Message from Cinar, Imam of Tokyo Camii on Lailat al-Qadr

Dear Believers!
We are in the last days of Ramadan, the beginning of which denotes mercy, the middle of which forgiveness, and the end of which salvation from hell. These exceptional days are the days among which is hidden the Lailat al-Qadr, which is better than a thousand months. In one hadith, our Prophet (saw) says, “Search for the Night of Qadr in the last ten days of Ramadan.”

The Lailat al-Qadr is a sacred night during which Allah’s grace and mercy shower down and believers’ hearts overflow with love and compassion. The Lailat al-Qadr is a unique night that reminds us of our forgotten values and reawakens our blinded consciences. The Messenger of Allah (saw) warns his ummah about this night as follows, “Whoever is deprived of the goodness of this night is like deprived of the goodness of a thousand months.

What makes the Lailat al-Qadr valuable is the Holy Qur’an that was revealed that night. The Qur’an is the Kalam Allah (the Words of Allah) sent by our Lord, about which there is never any doubt. The Qur’an is Dhikr, recitation of which is an act of worship. The Qur’an is al-Furqan, which distinguishes between what is true and what is untrue, as well as what is straight and what is not straight.

Let us view the last days of Ramadan and the Lailat al-Qadr as a divine grace and blessing for us. Let us embrace the Qur’an with our minds and hearts. Let us recite it more, understand it better, live up to and uphold it. Let us show regret for and turn away from our mistakes and sins. Let us know the value of every night and be thankful for every blessing so that we may have our entire lives blessed. Thus, we may be able to succeed to the Jannah al-Firdaws that Allah promises for His believing servants.

Muhammet Rıfat Çınar
Imam of Tokyo Camii