Prayer Hall Rules

Our prayer hall is a sacred place. Please observe following rules:

  1. Clothing should be modest for both men and women. For women, we expect an ankle length skirt or trousers, which should not be tight fitting or translucent, together with a long sleeved and high-necked top. Men also should not wear short pants. A headscarf is essential for women.
  2. Please notify us by the contact form if you are visiting with a group of 5 or more people.
  3. Please take your shoes off before entering the Prayer Hall, and put them to the shelves inside the Hall.
  4. Please keep quiet inside the Prayer Hall.
  5. Permission from the Office is necessary for taking photos or video recording of any kind.
  6. Please do not take photographs during the prayer.
  7. You could observe the prayer, however, please be seated in the back of the Hall and do not walk around. The upper floor is for women only.
  8. Please do not bring any pets inside the building.