The “Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) Report” prepared after the July 15 coup attempt by the Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) will be unveiled at the Eurasia Islamic Council.


The Office of the President of Diyanet prepared a report titled, “FETÖ, A Religious Exploitation Movement” after the Extraordinary Religious Council meeting convened in August by Diyanet after the July 15 coup attempt cannot be considered a religious structure

The report translated into ten languages stresses that the Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization, that the leader of the organization Fethullah Gülen has acted as a pragmatic person according to conditions and whenever necessary and has developed speeches that changes according to the characteristic of the audiences.

In summary some quotes from the report says:

-The characters of the members of the organization who operate under the cover of religion is similar to the hypocrites who lived in Medina during the time of the Prophet. In fact the Quran describes these hypocrites in the verses as those who are sick in the heart and who prepare sinister traps for the believers and cooperate with satanic people to advance their secret causes.

-The invitations extended to persons, to various institutions and factions by using the name of Allah is an act of misguiding people using religion and Allah and is the greatest injustice committed against religion. Islam cannot approve structures created to exploit the spiritual emotions in the name of religion and Allah. No one should issue an invitation in the name of Allah for their own causes, interests and fortunes.

-The terrorist organization by failing to introduce a clear religious understanding and education to the people in Central Asia and Africa has not only created disappointment among the people of those lands those who supported them in good faith but it has also ruined the expectations of these people to keep alive their spiritual beliefs regarding Islam.

-In time Fethullah Gülen has been involved in all kinds of immoral acts of sedition and discord against all Islamic morals to reach his hidden goals. At first the organization acted like a religion community and in time it turned into a terrorist organization with secret projects.

-This sick structure is not a religious community but it is a sinister project of the global system. The organization is not being run under the guidance of the Quran and the Prophetic teachings and is being steered by a “superior mind” that serves the secret goals of sovereign powers. Thus it cannot be considered a religious outfit. FETÖ has been promoting shady initiatives like “dialogue among religions” and “moderate Islam” to attract the support and interest of Western public opinion and has not hesitated from being a part of mysterious relationships that has been created against the Muslims around the world.

Saying the information sources of FETÖ are also faulty and shady the report stresses that the basic source of Islamic faith is the Quran and the Prophet.

The “Religious Exploitation Report” of Diyanet is comprised of 20 headings:

FETÖ cannot be considered as a religious entity.

The titles attributed to the leader of FETÖ have nothing to do with Islam.

FETÖ is a clear movement of religious exploitation.

FETÖ is a clear movement of power and interests hiding under the cloak of religion.

FETÖ is a fake mahdi movement.

The religious knowledge base of FETÖ is flawed.

FETÖ is a movement of discord that aims to divide the unity of the Islamic ummah.

FETÖ is a mystery movement that has no morals.

FETÖ is an immoral movement.

FETÖ has violated rights of the individual and the society to achieve its own interests.

FETÖ has collected donations that were to be for the poor under the guise of benevolence that was actually an act of extortion.

FETÖ is a movement that use religious engineering under the guise of dialogue between religions and thus destroys tawhid, that there is only one Allah and that Prophet Muhammad is thy envoy.

FETÖ has misguided the masses of the Eurasia geography with a hollow Islamic understanding.

It is imperative that the harm done by FETÖ in the lands it has managed to spread be determined with speed.

A commission will be established to determine the harm FETÖ has done to our religious life.

Religious education is every level should be reviewed.

Joint work will be carried out with the NGOs so that similar entities are not established and similar mistakes are not repeated.

The relationship between Religion, the State and the Society should be based on a strong footing.

Efforts will be made to prevent the moral destruction created in our spiritual life especially among our young people.

English version of the full text of the report