“Donate your Udhiya / Qurbani,
       Get Closer To Your Brother”

One Share:   ¥ 15,000

Deadline:   Aug 17th 2018


  • Your Udhiya/Qurbani can be paid by cash at Tokyo Camii.
  • You can also make a bank transfer to the following bank account.※ Please email us info@tokyocamii.org your full name, phone number and a photo of your payment receipt.  We will confirm your payment
    afterwards.  Thank you.


Bank name: Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Branch name: Yoyogiuehara (code 137)
Account Number:0039747
Type: Futsu (Ordinary account )


Turkiye Diyanet Foundation   7/15/2018

“Your Trusts are Our Trusts”

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV), who has set off with the slogan “Your Trusts are Our Trusts”, run Qurbani activities with great precision, care and a feeling of responsibility and stressed their readiness to serve the geography of hearts once again this year with an institution “suitable to religious principles and trustable.” Erbas explained that, as part of the program organized with the theme, “Donate your Qurbani, Unite the hearts”, slaughter and distribution will take place in 280 slaughter place nationally and in 436 places in 145 countries internationally, under the supervision of the Presidency and TDV employees and volunteers.

“Qurbanis are being distributed to our aggrieved brothers and sisters”

Erbas indicating that the Mandate Qurbani Program is organized with the collaboration of the Muftis in Turkey, international embassies, consultancies, attachés, coordination centers and religious foundations and regional establishments said:

“Our foundation, which has made it its slogan to ceaselessly work until benevolence has dominated the world, convey the Qurbanis they have slaughtered to those in need nationally, refugees, Quran education centers and student dorms. However, internationally, they are distributed firstly to Africa where hunger, poverty and civil war are intense and then from Central Asia to the Balkans, and to a geography extending as far as Caucasia to Far East and Latin America where Qurbanis will be distributed to our oppressed brothers and sisters.”

Link of Turkiye Diyanet Foundation