A Blessed Friday to You, Brothers and Sisters!


We are living in a world that is meant to put us to the test. Moreover, as a servant, we are primarily obliged to be successful in our own test. We have to act in accordance with a sense of responsibility to attain peace in this world and in the hereafter. We have to fulfill our duties to our own selves, our Lord, and our community. In fact, the Lord of the Worlds enjoins in the Quran:“O you who have attained to faith! It is (but) for your own selves that you are responsible: those who go astray can do you no harm if you (yourselves) are on the right path. Unto God you all must return: and then He will make you (truly) understand all that you were doing (in life).”[1]

Dear Believers! 

A responsible person lives each day of his/her life with a sense of duty. S/he considers the life, events, and the universe as lessons to learn from. S/he knows very well that s/he is not left abandoned in this world, and that s/he will certainly give account for every blessing bestowed, word uttered, and action carried. A person with a sense of responsibility assumes sincerity and honesty, and morality and virtue in every area of life. S/he will not harm himself/herself and his/her community with misdeeds like such as telling lies, slandering, cheating, and deception. 

Brothers and Sisters!


A person who knows his/her responsibilities will not deem himself/herself free of error, and fall for arrogance, as told in this verse of our Lord:   “So ascribe not purity to yourselves. He knows best him who fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him.”[2]A person conscious of responsibility works hard to correct his/her faults first. S/he does not stop giving account to himself/herself, nor does s/he talk about the sins of others. S/he does not point other people as targets while hiding his/her own faults. S/he cannot ignore the hadith: “If anyone conceals a Muslim’s fault, Allah will conceal his fault on the Day of Resurrection.”[3]

Brothers and Sisters! 


                        Our Lord Almighty enjoins: 

“Do you bid other people to be pious, the while you forget your own selves -and yet you recite the divine writ? Will you not, then, use your reason?”[4]First, a responsible person takes goodness as a principle for himself/herself. S/he will be an example to his/her community with his/her character and words. As a matter of fact, it is certain that a person who does not walk on the path of goodness cannot lead others to it. A person who has become a slave to badness cannot keep others away from it. Those who do not serve the right and the righteousness cannot teach them to others. Those who do not have a virtuous attitude cannot be an example of morals and virtue for others. 

 Esteemed Muslims! We were created as humans, the most precious being on Earth. We crowned this preciousness with our faith. Come then, let us appreciate the value of these blessings of being human and having faith. Let us never forget that these blessings bring us responsibilities. Let us never abandon sincerity in our relations with ourselves, our Lord, and the ones for whom we are responsible. Let us be aware of our own responsibilities first and then instill trust and responsibility to our community. Finally, let us all work hard to gain the countenance of our Lord.

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