At Shibuya Tokyo. A beautiful sound comes from the pure white dome. The largest mosque in Japan “Tokyo Jamie”.

Visitors come from lot of nations or religion, Turkish people who run kebab stores, “Japanese Islamic girls” who adore unique culture. Especially on Friday is a sacred day. More than 500 people gather from the whole Kanto area, after worshiping flowers bloom, while eating free meals. A corner of the city, three days of a mysterious mosque where dozens of people shoulder each other.

Tokyo Camii Ramadan Iftar 2017

People who stand in front of Allah (God), face to face and talk to each other properly. I felt that I would not know without a Muslim. It looks happy. By: “kshirais”

Does religion have the ability to change people?” Is it? I think that narration like something remarkably represented the standing position of religion in Japan now. Posted by: Natadekoko

Tokyo Camii Ramadan Iftar 2017Because there are incidents occurring in Western Europe, I will wear it with a color. It is a place I would like to visit as a Japanese Islamic culture building. It is a building managed by the Turkish embassy, so I feel secure. It seems to have chosen a difficult place to interview according to the purpose of the program.
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