Nikah (Marriage)

Nikah (Marriage) Certification

If you wish to have your wedding/certificate of religious marriage (Nikah), please prepare the required documents* please fill out and send the form below. We will contact you after confirming.

Required Documents
1. Original civil marriage certificate*
*Tokyo Camii does not conduct religious marriages without official proof of marriage registration.
Also, the bride and groom must be Muslims in principle due to the nature of religious marriage. If either bride or groom is not Muslim, please apply after completing the Shahadah (Not necessary if Groom is Muslim and Bride is Christian or Jewish).
*Please bring your certificate if you have completed Shahadah at a masjid other than Tokyo Camii.
2. One recent passport size (45mm x 35mm) photos each of the bride and groom
3. Valid passport of the bride and groom
4. Two Muslim witnesses