Shahada (Testimony of Faith)

Shahada (Testimony of Faith)

If anyone wants to embrace Islam as one's religion and to live a life with faith, s/he will become a new Muslim by making the testimony of faith (Shahada) in front of two or more Muslims.

If you would like to have the Shahada ceremony and certificate, please prepare the required documents and fill out/send the form below. We will contact you after confirming.

Required Documents
1. 2 ID photos (Size 45mm x 35mm, solid-color background)
2. ID document (for example, Passport, Driver's license, "My Number Card", etc.)





    1. Affected and influenced: e.g.) decide to become Muslim through listening to Azan and visiting mosques, etc.2. Recommended, guided: e.g.) acquaintance/friend recommended Islam3. Marriage4. Searched: e.g.) Found Islam through searching true religion, meaning of life, etc.