For Visitors

Tips for Visitors

Open daily from 10 AM to 6 PM. Please feel free to come; we welcome visitors of other faiths/non-believers. Except for those who participate in congregation worship, general visits on Fridays are available from 14:00. Reservations are not necessary for visits by individuals or small groups. Please check the Notes for Visitors and come directly.

Guided tour in Japanese
To help visitors get to know the facility more deeply, we provide guide-tour in the Japanese language for general visitors who are coming to visit for the first time. Our Japanese-speaking staff guides you inside the building; you can see the scene of worship every Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays from 14:30 (Required time: approximately 45-60 minutes). Reservations are not necessary even for groups, so please come directly to the 1st-floor entrance hall. *No guided tour will be held if holidays fall on Friday.

If you wish to have a guided tour for groups of 5 people or more at other times than above, please apply in advance from Visitors Calendar. *It is forbidden to provide tour-guide by external personnel.


Notes for Visitors

1. Photos, Videos and etc.
It is forbidden for the press to take pictures, film or record, or interview visitors without permission, whether for commercial or non-commercial/private or public purposes. Please contact our office in advance. However, personal photography by camera-equipped mobile phones is possible; do not take pictures of other visitors and worshipers. Advanced permission is required for shooting with dedicated shooting equipment. It is prohibited to use the photos taken for commercial purposes, assign them to an outside third party, or sell them online. We appreciate your understanding.

2. Dress code
Clothing should be modest for both men and women. For women, we expect an ankle-length skirt or trousers, which should not be tight-fitting or translucent, together with a long-sleeved and high-necked top. Men also should not wear short pants. A headscarf is essential for women inside the Prayer Hall.

3. Prayer Hall Rules
Prayer Hall is a sacred place. Please observe the following rules:

‐ Please take your shoes off before entering the Prayer Hall, and put them to the shelves.
‐ Please keep quiet inside the Prayer Hall.
‐ Permission from the Office is necessary for taking photos or video recording of any kind.
‐ Please do not take photographs during the prayer.
‐ Observing the prayer scene is permissible; however, please be seated in the back of the Prayer-Hall and do not walk around.
‐ The upper floor is for women only.
‐ Please do not bring any pets inside the building.