【21. Jan ~ 28. Jan】Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition

1/21~1/28 アラビア書道教室作品展

【21. Jan ~ 28. Jan】Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition

This is an exhibition of works by students of the Arabic calligraphy course, held every Saturday at Tokyo Camii.
Roughly twenty pieces of calligraphy will be displayed during the exhibition.

Start date: 21st of January (Sat), 15:00
End date: 28th of January (Sat), 18:00
Venue: Tokyo Camii 1F Multipurpose Hall
*Doors open after 14:00 on Fridays.

Entrance free
No reservation required

We look forward to welcoming not only those interested in Arabic calligraphy but also those interested in Islamic culture and art.