【Puzzle Workshop – Islamic Geometric Art | by Circle and Lines】

【Puzzle Workshop – Islamic Geometric Art | by Circle and Lines】

Let the allure of Islamic Geometric Art captivate your senses, infusing your soul with inspiration and unlocking new dimensions of creativity. Join our puzzle workshop, and let’s embark on this extraordinary artistic journey together!

The designs in the workshop are so ancient, some of them back more than 600 years ago. However, they still have a contemporary and modern look.
Each participant or two will assemble one design. The compiling way is in a style of mosaic or puzzles and is similar to the original assembling method of those designs.

We tried to make the colors of the pieces that form the design as close to the original colors as possible.

*This time, a short tour regarding Islamic geometric patterns in Tokyo Camii is included.

*The number of participants is limited. Participants who are 10 years old or older require a ticket. Children aged 7 to 9 can participate for free (accompanied by a parent, who will require a ticket).Puzzles are for the workshop only.

Date: July 29th (Sat)
1st session: 10:00-11:30
2nd session: 13:00-14:30
Tokyo Camii 1st Floor Multi Purpose Hall
Application required

For more details and application form, please check the following URL: