[EVENT POSTPONED:18≫19]Tokyo Camii Young Muslim Club Vol. 25 “Autumn Festival”


Tokyo Camii Young Muslim Club Vol. 25 “Autumn Festival ~ The final shave ice of the year ~ “

NOTE: The event is postponed until 19 (Sun) due to the weather. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re looking forward to seeing you under the sunny autumn sky.

Young (self-proclaimed) Muslims – experienced postponement repeatedly and still do not know how to spell d-e-s-p-a-i-r – are ready to shave this year’s (perhaps) last ice.

Date: September 18 (Sat) 13:00 ~ 20:00 (approx.) *September⠀19 (Sun) if rains
Place: Tokyo Camii, 2nd Floor Terrace
Fee: 500 ~ 1,000 JPY (approx.)

*Only those who wear a mask and cooperate with the temperature measurement at the entrance can enter.
*Admission may be restricted depending on the time of day and congestion.

For your enjoyment, for the continuation of the event, and above all for your health, please do not disregard wearing your masks, disinfection, and preventing heatstroke!!

When you participate, please give priority to your own physical condition. When participating, please measure body temperature and bring your own mask. Thank you for your cooperation in the prevention of infectious diseases. Your action is highly appreciated to keep everyone’s health and reassurance.

You can see the last year’s festival on the Instagram account of Tokyo Camii Young Muslim Club @youngmuslimclub .