Dear Muslims,
In the verse I have recited, Allah the Almighty states, “Surely this Qur’an guides to what is most upright, and gives good news to the believers—who do good—that they will have a mighty reward.”1
In the hadith I have read, the Messenger of Allah (saw) says, “The truest word is the Book of Allah, and best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad.”2

Esteemed believers,
Allah, the Merciful and the Compassionate, created humans. He (SWT) bestowed them with the blessings of reading and learning. He (SWT) fed their minds and hearts with revelation, faith, and moral advices. He (SWT) also sent the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (saw) for people to comprehend Islam thoroughly, and revealed the Holy Qur’an as a life guide.

Honorable Muslims,
The Qur’an is guidance. It is the guide for those who do not want to go astray in the worldly life, who strive for living as commanded by the religion, and those who are pious. The Qur’an is a declaration that explains the names and attributes of Allah (SWT) as well as the rulings of our religion. The Qur’an is al-Furqan: it is the Word of Allah that distinguishes right from wrong and enables us to realize the truth. The Qur’an is a remedy and a grace. It is the cure for suffering hearts, and a drop of water for the dry lands.

Dear brothers and sisters,
Muslims who read the Qur’an will see the matchless struggle of the Prophet Ibrahim and will once again be happy to have faith in the oneness of Allah. They will take examples from the perseverance of the Prophet Musa who endured all the difficulties and sufferings he was inflicted with. They will learn how the Prophet Yusuf protected himself from haram as well as the miracles of Allah that the Prophet Isa displayed to humanity. They will draw lessons from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), which was shaped by revelation, as well as from his morality, which was formed by verses.

Dear Muslims,
We should all keep our relationship with the Qur’an alive and close. While reciting the Holy Qur’an, we should also make efforts to learn the meanings of the verses. We should draw lessons from and be inspired by the words of our beloved Prophet (saw) who says, “The best of you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.”3 We should keep in mind that each moment dedicated to learning and teaching the Qur’an is a means for attaining the approval and pleasure of Allah (SWT).
I would like to conclude this week’s khutbah by supplicating to Allah so that future generations do not be deprived of the faith and of the Qur’an He (SWT) bestowed upon us.

[1] Isra, 17/9.
[2] Nasa’i, ‘Eidayn, 22.
[3] Tirmidhi, Fadha’il al-Qur’an, 15.