Honorable Muslims!
In the verse I have recited, Allah the Almighty states, “And for all religion We have appointed a rite [of sacrifice] that they may mention the name of Allah over what He has provided for them of [sacrificial] animals. For your god is one God, so to Him submit. And, [O Muhammad], give good tidings to the humble [before their Lord].” [1]
In the hadith I have read, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) states, “The son of Adam does not do any deed on the Day of Sacrifice that is dearer to Allah (swt) than sacrificing an animal for Him.”  [2]

Dear Muslims!
Qurbani is an ancient form of worship that is commanded and granted to us by our Lord (swt), and taught by the Prophet Muhammad (saw) by practicing himself. It is the finest expression of sincerity, devotion, and generosity in the cause of Allah.

Dear Believers!
Qurbani also means getting closer to our brothers and sisters. It means expressing our gratitude for the blessings with a sense of loyalty, and sharing the blessings with the manner of spending in the cause of Allah. It means spreading the good.  It means keeping the spirit of solidarity alive, and consolidating love and friendliness. It means building bridges of compassion that extend beyond geographies. It means carrying the joy of eid to the hearts we do not know. It means strengthening our unity and solidarity, and comprehending the meaning of being an ummah.

Dear Muslims!
The Presidency of Religious Affairs, in cooperation with the Türkiye Diyanet Foundation, continues to carry out its organization of qurbani by proxy this year, too, just as it has been for the past years. We will deliver the entrustment of Muslims to those in need, with the motto “Qurbani shared, brotherhood cherished!” A single share of qurbani will turn back to us as thousands of prayers uttered for us, inshaallah. We invite our brothers and sisters, who can afford it, to this race in charity and benevolence.

[1] Hajj, 22/34.
[2] Tirmidhi, Adahi, 1.