Honorable Muslims!
The Almighty Allah (swt) states in the verse I have just recited: “O ye who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam.[i]

Prophet Muhammad (saw) says in the hadith I have recited: “A Muslim is he from whose hand and tongue the Muslims are safe.”[ii]

Dear Muslims!
The most precious treasure of Muslims is their iman. Iman is the biggest blessing that will rejoin us with peace in this world and with salvation in the Hereafter. It is a power that protects Believers from evil under any circumstances and that leads them to benevolence.

Honorable Muslims!
The way of strengthening the iman in our hearts is not to skip our worships, because iman is fed with worship. Worship is the essence of servitude and the purpose of the creation of human. It is to submit our condition to the Almighty Allah (swt) without any mediator and means.

Honorable Believers!
What completes iman and worship is only the good morals. The Messenger of Allah (saw) states in a hadith, “The most complete of the believers in faith are those with best character.”[iii] Believers take our Prophet Muhammad (saw) “who was only sent to perfect good character”[iv]as an example at every stage of their lives.

Dear Muslims!
The Messenger of Allah (saw) says in a hadith: “The best of you is the one from whom people expect good deeds, and from whose evil deeds people are safe; the worst of you is the one from whom people expect good deeds but from whose evil deeds people are not safe.”[v] Then, let us exert efforts to be a good Muslim as our Prophet Muhammad (saw) taught us. Let us enlighten our hearts with iman. Let us feed them with worships. Let us polish them with good deeds and good morals. Let us be the key for goodness and the lock against evil at every stage of our lives.

Honorable Believers!
While ending my khutbah I would like to share an issue with you. Under the leadership of our Presidency of Religious Affairs and our Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, services are taken to every corner of our country and to every part of the world thanks to the support of our self-sacrificing nation. Healthy accommodation environments are prepared for our students, they are provided with scholarship and educational and cultural support, our orphan and poor brothers and sisters are supported with free education. In this unique climate of the month of Ramadan, you can be light of hope for thousands of young people by means of zakat, sadaqah al-fitr and donations and cover for their needs. May the Almighty Allah (swt) accept all of our previous and future aids in the presence of Him.

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