Special Open Lecture of February 2020: “The city and architecture of Istanbul”


Istanbul is a historically significant city as an intersection between Asia and Europe. Once the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, and later the capital of the Ottoman Empire, various cultures mixed intricately, and as a result, one-and-only-unique culture has bloomed.

Prof. Yasuhiro Minami, who helped create a miniature model of the Tokyo Muslim School (Tokyo Kaikyō Gakkō, the predecessor of Tokyo Camii), gives us a lecture about the city and its architectures of Istanbul based on his experience of residing in Istanbul.

Special Open Lecture “The city and architecture of Istanbul”
Date: Feb. 22 (Sat)
Time: 13:00-14:30
Lecturer: Prof. Yasuhiro Minami (Architect, Kokushikan Univ.)
Language: Japanese