Program for Mawlid an-Nabi

2020年 マウリドのつどい

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The night of Wednesday, October 28th, is the Mawlid.

Mawlid is the anniversary of the birth of the beloved Prophet Muhammad, who teaches people Islam, truth, and human rights, and leads the way to heaven, and is our role model in all circumstances.

We thank Allah for giving us the happiness of being the people of Muhammad, the last prophet, whose hearts and words are beautiful. May Salah and Salaam be to our Prophet and his families, and the Companions, sent by Allah for the peace of the world and as a sign of grace and peace.

We celebrate your Mawlid and wish all Muslims happiness.

We sincerely look forward to your participation in the Mawlid gathering held in Tokyo Camii to remember the Prophet Muhammad and deepen our ties.

Program of Mawlid

18:11 Isha and Tasbih
18:30 Quran recitation and Dua
19:30 Supper and Tea