Dear sisters and brothers,

Thank you always for your kind support and understanding.
Let us announce to you about the Jumah Prayer Service on January 1st, 2021:

Jumah prayer starts at 11:45 AM, January 01
The second Prayer starts at 12:45 AM, in case there are a large number of participants.
The balcony inside the Prayer Hall is for women only.

When participating, please do the following:
– Please complete your Wudu at your home before coming to Masjid.
– Please wear your mask.
– Please follow the instructions of the staff and keep physical distance from other worshippers.
– Physical contact between worshipers, such as handshakes and hugs, is prohibited. It is time for being patient. As for now, it is the best way to show love and respect for your brothers and sisters.

Request from Tokyo Camii
Tokyo Camii, for the general public, is a place to encounter Islam. You may be the first Muslim they may meet in their life. They will know Islam through you. Please be aware that each of you’s behaviors, words, and actions are perceived as “Muslim ways,” and be sure to observe the following:

– Do not throw trash on the street; take it home with you.
– Smoking on the streets is strictly prohibited.
– Street parking in the surrounding area is strictly prohibited. Do not park in the neighborhoods’ driveway or convenience store. Please use the coin parking or public transportation.
– Please keep an eye on your children if you are coming with them.
– Be careful not to interfere with the passerby. After the Prayer service, please move immediately without remaining on the street.
– When you finish your prayer, please yield the place to brothers and sisters who are waiting. *If 2nd worship will be held