[Ramadan Limited: every Sunday from 10:15 ~ 11:15] “Mine Sensei’s Practical Wudu & Salah Class”

“Mine Sensei’s Practical Wudu & Salah Class”

This four-time intensive course teaches you the essential steps about daily Wudu (purification) and Salah (worship). Both Wudu and Salah will proceed with the lessons with the teacher. If you are uncertain or have any questions, you can eliminate anxiety by asking freely and practicing. You’ll master correct conduct by the time you have taken all four courses, InshaAllah.

Mine-sensei’s Wudu and Salah Practical Course

Date and time: April 3, 10, 17, 24 10:15-11:15
Location: Tokyo Camii 3rd floor classroom (Annex building)
Language: Japanese
Participation fee: Free

Application: If you would like to participate, please apply via the application form (using the Google Form). The deadline is March 23 (Wednesday).

Due to the nature of the course, the course is only for women and face-to-face.
*There is no online class

When you participate, please give priority to your own physical condition. When participating, please measure body temperature and bring your own mask. Thank you for your cooperation in the prevention of infectious diseases. Your action is highly appreciated to keep everyone’s health and reassurance.