Dear Muslims!
Today is the blessed Eid al-Adha. It is a divine period of time when we express our servitude to our Allah (swt) through our worship and devotion, dhikr and gratitude as well as get closer to Him (swt) through our sacrifices (qurbani). Endless thanks and praises be to Allah the Almighty (swt), Who has allowed us to reach such a precious period of time. Salat and salam be to our Prophet Muhammad (saw) who taught us how to spend the days of eid.

Dear Believers!
Today, we perform the eid prayer as the first thing to do, and soon we will experience the joy of performing the worship of qurbani, inshaallah. The Messenger of Allah (swt) refers to the merit of the worship of qurbani in one hadith as follows, “The son of Adam does not do any deed on the day of Eid al-Adha that is dearer to Allah (swt) than sacrificing an animal for Him.[i]

Dear Believers!
Days of eid are beautified through helping and sharing. Then, let us offer from our qurbani to our relatives and neighbors in order to increase our joy of the Eid. Let us share our qurbani with the poor, the orphan and the abandoned.

Dear Muslims!
Days of eid are the days of brotherhood and affection. Then, let us take these rare days as an opportunity to bring an end to resentments and hard feelings between each other. Let us not forget that it is not halal for a Muslim to be cross with their brothers and sisters for more than three days.[ii]

Days of eid are also the days of “silat al-rahm”, that is visiting friends and relatives.

Let us fulfill our responsibilities in order to make the most of these blessed days. Let us bear in mind that we need to utter the takbir al-tashriq, starting from the fajr prayer on the Day of Arafat and ending with the ‘asr prayer on the fourth day of the Eid.

As I conclude this eid’s khutbah, I would like to congratulate you, our precious congregation, our august nation and the ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) on the Eid al-Adha. May Allah’s (swt) peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. Eid Mubarak; I wish you all a happy Eid!

[i] Tirmidhi, Adahi, 1.
[ii] Bukhari, Adab, 62.