Honorable Muslims!
May endless thanks and praise be to Allah the Almighty (swt), Who has blessed His servants, who completed the divine training of Ramadan, with the ‘eid. May salat and salam be upon our Prophet (saw), who declared the days of ‘eid to be the days to remember Allah (swt), of unity and togetherness, and of joy and happiness.

Dear Believers!
The days of ‘eid are the days to meet our disposition. They are the days to open our hearts to each other and share our joy… They are the days to strengthen our brotherhood and unite our hearts…  The days of ‘eid are the moments of unity when millions of Muslims, who speak different languages, have different skin colors, and live in different places but who are the same in faith, heart, and supplication, share the same sentiment.

Dear Believers!
The days of ‘eid are the days to remember our loved ones. Let us pay visits to our family elders, friends, neighbors, and relatives, starting with our parents. Let us make the orphan, miserable, and abandoned people happy. Let us ask about the health of the ill, touch the heart of the orphan, and be encased in the du’a of the elderly. Let us enable our children to feel the joy of the ‘eid with a smile on our face and the warmth in our heart.

The days of ‘eid are the days of love, peace, and reconciliation. Let us put aside all the hard feelings and resentments between us on this ‘eid. Let us enjoy the taste of being brothers and sisters in faith.

The days of ‘eid are the times to supplicate to Allah (swt). Let us open up our hands and beg to our Lord for our brothers and sisters who have problems wherever in the world. Let us supplicate to Allah for the Muslim lands to enjoy days of ‘eid in peace and security.

Dear Muslims!
Let us bow down to the Divine commandment, “And worship your Lord until there comes to you the certainty (death).”[i], and preserve the fine traits we acquired this Ramadan throughout our lives. Let us reflect the peace, barakah, and sincerity of Ramadan on all moments of our life.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish a blessed ‘eid to the whole Muslim world. ‘Eid mubarak! May our ‘eid be conducive to our unity, togetherness and brotherhood as well as the peace and serenity of the Islamic world, and the salvation and true guidance of all humanity. Once again, ‘Eid Mubarak! I wish you all a happy ‘eid!

[i] Hijr, 15/99.