Friday Khutba of Tokyo Camii “Integrity of Faith, Worship and Morals”


“Integrity of Faith, Worship and Morals”





Honorable Muslims!
Our sublime religion, Islam, enjoins faith, worship, and good morals.
Faith involves acting in accordance with the purpose of our creation. It means striving to meet our responsibilities. It is about being sensitive to what is going on in the world around us. It is to be concerned with the problems of all those persecuted wherever they are in the world and to feel their pain in our hearts.

Dear Believers!
The manifestation of our faith in our lives is worship. Worship is a set of words and behaviors that lead us to the pleasure of our Lord (swt). These are the expressions of our gratitude for the blessings Allah the Almighty bestows.

Although his past and future sins were forgiven, our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (saw) never abandoned his worship, even under the most difficult conditions.

Dear Muslims!
What will perfect our faith is morality. It is the most incredible legacy left to us by our Prophet (saw) after the revelation. Morality is the essence of Islam. It is an essential condition to be a good person and a virtuous society.

Dear Brothers and Sisters!
May our faith give meaning to our lives. May our acts of worship build our identity. May our morals guide us in all our actions. Only then will our hands be away from haram, our eyes from sins, and our tongues from lying. Our family will be the home of peace and happiness. Our neighborly relations will continue in a spirit of trust and affection. Our trade will be halal, and our profits will have barakah. Only then will the faces of all the oppressed and victims on earth smile, and our world will continue to be a land of peace and prosperity.

I would like to conclude this Friday’s khutbah with the following invocation from our Prophet (saw): “O Allah! I ask You to grant me strong faith equipped with good deeds and help me do deeds that will lead me to eternal salvation.”1

[1] Ibn Hanbal, II, 321.

Friday Khutba of Tokyo Camii “Integrity of Faith, Worship and Morals” (PDF)