A Request for Support【QURBANI 2020/1441】

QURBANI 2020/1441

Share Your Qurbani Get Closer to Your Brother

Every year, we share the happiness of Qurbani with our brothers and sisters around the world following religious principles under the light of trust and custodianship in cooperation with the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs.

In 2019, our team organized for Qurbani delivered 453,560 Qurbani inside Turkey and outside under the theme of “share your Qurbani get closer to your brother.” We sent the benefactors’ Qurbani to the needy in 424 provincial and district centers in Turkey and 149 countries and 423 regions like Africa, the Balkans, the Turkic Republics, the Caucasus, the Far East and South America including intense poverty and crisis countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Arakan.

We are waiting for your Qurbani contributions this year as well. Your support can be paid by cash at TOKYO CAMİİ or GİFU FATİH MOSQUE, and bank transfers also available to the following bank account.

※Please EMAIL(info@tokyocamii.org) us your full name, phone number and a photo of your payment receipt. We will confirm your payment afterwards. Thank you.

One Share: 15,000JPY
Deadline: July 31, 2020


MUFG Bank (Mitsubishi UFJ)
Branch name: Yoyogiuehara
code: 137
Account Number: 0039747
Type: Futsu

Japan Post Bank
Branch Name: 018 (Zero-Ichi-Hachi)
Branch Number: 018
Code: 10100
Account Number: 99680061
Type: Futsu