1442/2021 Message on EID AL-FITR

Eid Mubarak

Honorable Muslims!
We are grateful to reach once again the month of Ramadan, its beginning is mercy, the middle is forgiveness, and the end is salvation from hell. May endless praise and thanks be to the Almighty Allah (SWT), who has let us reach the eid. May salat and salam be upon our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (saw). He describes the days of eid as the days of joy, happiness, and remembrance of Allah (SWT). Eid Mubarak! I wish you all a happy eid!

Dear Believers!
We endeavored to seek the consent of Allah (SWT) day and night, with fasting, tarawih, and so on throughout the month of Ramadan. We tried to worship more, increase our acts of benevolence, increase our patience and repentance, and nourish ourselves with the Qur’an, and be embellished with taqwa (piety). We reviewed the past years, repented for our mistakes and sins, and sought refuge in the forgiveness of al-Rahman.

Honorable Muslims!
Eid is a bestowal of Allah the Exalted (SWT) to His servants who fasted in the month of Ramadan.

Then, let us experience this joy with our parents, who deserve respect and kindness most, with our wives who are our faithful companions and the witnesses of our bad and good days. Our children are the sources of joy and hope though small in our houses. Let us end the resentments and offenses between us as brothers and sisters with whom we turn to the same qiblah. Let us remember our relatives who passed away. Let us raise our hands and beg to Allah (SWT) for our Muslim brothers and sisters in trouble, and pray that Allah (SWT) let them experience the eid to which they will also reach peace, tranquility, and security.

Dear Muslims!
We are bidding farewell to another month of Ramadan. We know that our duty of servitude to Allah (SWT) is not limited to the month of Ramadan only. Indeed, the Almighty Allah (SWT) invites us to spend every moment of our lives with the consciousness of servitude by stating in the Holy Qur’an, “And serve thy Lord until there come unto thee the Hour that is certain.”1

Following this command of Allah (SWT) and by responding to this divine invitation, let us continue the good traits we have gained in the month of Ramadan throughout our lives. I would like to wish a happy eid to the entire Muslim world with these thoughts and feelings. May Allah the Almighty (SWT) let this eid bring goodness to humanity.

I would like to conclude my message with this hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw): “O people! Spread salaam amongst you, share foods, observe your kinship relations and establish prayer while people sleep so that you can enter heaven safely.”2

1. Hijr, 15/99.
2. Tirmidhi, Sifat al-Qiyamah, 42.