FB Live Available|Tokyo Camii Special Open Lecture in February 2022 “How to deal with sadness in Islam”

“How to deal with sadness in Islam”

Islamic believers (Muslims) open the Qur’an when they are struck by unavoidable sadness and anxiety. They believe that words from, above all, the Benevolent Being who embrace the universe and snuggle closer than jugular vein are alive and can gently illuminate seemingly desperate situations. However, no matter how much the Qur’an is open source for everyone, it is another matter of whether or not the text is understandable. Of course, the degree to which the Qur’an is understood and incorporated into one’s situation to find practical lessons and guidelines will vary greatly depending on the individual’s qualities, knowledge, and circumstances. Some Muslims can heal their hearts by opening the Qur’an, while others believe in the light of hope that should be in it but cannot find it on their own. And in the latter case, a medium that connects the Qur’an with one’s daily life is needed. ……

Since the 19th century, the subjects and methods of preaching Islam in the Arab world have diversified rapidly, and until 2021, it can be called chaos. The question is: What do people want from Islam in their daily lives? How do they understand Islam? How do they live in Islam under such circumstances? ……
Understanding the Qur’an in Harmony with Tradition and Innovation in Lā Taḥzan: An Analysis of the Islamic Discourse of “Sadness” in Modern Society(PDF)

Lecturer: Megumi Kenjo (PH.D., Part-time Lecturer at the Faculty of Policy and Management, Keio Univ.)
Date: February 26 (Sat) 13:00 ~ 14:30
Place: B1F Ertugrul Hall
Language: Japanese

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