Friday Khutba of Tokyo Camii “SUNNAH: THE PROPHETIC GUIDANCE”

Honorable Muslims!
Endless thanks and praise be to the Almighty Allah (swt) for honoring us to be the members of the ummah of the Last Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) of sublime character and sweet tongue. Salat and salam be to the Prophet Muhammad (saw), whom Allah (swt) sent as an ambassador of peace, mercy, and trust to the worlds, and to his family and his companions.

Dear Believers!
The Prophet Muhammad (saw) was an inviter who invited all people to peace and salvation, and a warner who warned all people against and saved them from wrongdoing and being rebellious. He was the perfect living answer to the questions of “What do Muslims believe?” and “What kind of a life should Muslims lead?” In him were embodied such virtues as affection, compassion, loyalty, courage, and foresightedness. By him earned the weak, the poor, and the victimized people the deserved respect for being human. Around him became guided even the people, who wanted to kill him, to the right path thanks to his compassion. So much so that a dark age dominated by ignorance and oppression and lack of compassion, virtues, and wisdom turned into the Age of Bliss (the Asr al-Saadah) under the light of knowledge, justice, and compassion with his arrival and divine struggle. People who had lost their way and values in the whirl of the Jahiliyyah (Ignorance) period set the best examples of brotherhood, virtues, commitment to promises, and all good behaviors by following his path.

Dear Muslims!
In this regard, he said, “I was sent to perfect the good moral character.”[i] His life was filled with countless beautiful words and actions.It was him who declared that all people were equal before Allah and the criterion of superiority was piety (taqwa) by saying, “Humans are children of Adam, and Adam was created from earth.”[ii] It was him who taught his ummah to be humble by saying “Fear not; I am just a man whose mother used to eat dried meat.”[iii] to someone speaking with him in a state of excitement and shaking voice. It was again him who advised us to pursue not the temporary blessings of this world but the approval of Allah (swt) by praying to Him, “O Allah, I beseech You for guidance, piety, chastity, and contentment.”[iv]

Dear Believers!
The Almighty Allah (swt) states in the Holy Qur’an, “There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.”[v]
Then let us get to know the Prophet Muhammad (saw) better, understand him better, and make sure that his great Sunnah has a determining role in our lives. Let us shape our world of thought according to his mentality, and let us clean our hearts with his morals. Let us protect all the principles, on which he never made any concessions, in all domains of our lives. Let us not forget that our faith and our humanity will reach the long-awaited good days to the extent that we take him as our role model.

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Friday Khutba of Tokyo Camii “SUNNAH: THE PROPHETIC GUIDANCE”.(PDF)