[Turkish-style Tea Party for ladies] vol.1 “Manti”

トルコ式お茶会・女性向け 日程変更あり

Let us announce to you about the “Turkish-style Tea Party for Ladies,” taking its place three months in a row at Tokyo Camii.

The first menu in the line is a small dumpling “Manti.” This menu, which is also delighted in the Tokyo Camii Halal Market, will be introduced from how to make it. Of course, we’ll enjoy together the completed dishes with Turkish-Famous endless cups of chai. You’ll be surprised by the taste of freshly made manti 🙂

Turkish-style Tea Party for ladies ~ vol.1 “Manti” ~

February 23 (Sun) 13:00-15:00
Pre-booking required, Fee: JPY 2,000
Ladies only event: thank all of you for support
Booking & Inquiries: info@tokyocamii.org