English Debate Circle eyecatch


Starting – January 18, 2020
Place: Turkish Culture Center 3rd Floor
Day: Every Saturday
Time: 2pm to 5pm

The English Debate Circle is a series of workshops designed for those who already have a fairly good grasp of English, but have little opportunity to work with complex ideas or structures. The focus of the workshops will be to help participants improve their vocabulary, refine their presentation skills and build confidence. Each week, we will choose a challenging and controversial topic to research, discuss and debate. While there will be no assigned home-work, everyone will be encouraged to prepare for the debates by checking available resources and gathering information.
The workshops will be conducted entirely in English.

Suggested level: Intermediate and up. Minimum 4 people, Maximum 10 people
Tuition: 15,000 yen for all 10 workshops
Or 2,000 yen per workshop.
*Light refreshments will be served

Proposed Topics
Week 1 English – Do we really need it in Japan?
Week 2 Social Welfare – Zakat vs. Government Welfare
Week 3 “Natural” Disasters – Are they truly “natural” or human-made
Week 4 Vegetarianism – Is it good or bad for children?
Week 5 Social cohesion vs. Individual Expression
Week 6 Should schools and businesses require uniforms?
Week 7 Shariah Law vs. Western Law
Week 8 Is there a hierarchy in life, or is the value of all life the same?
Week 9 Is solar power truly ‘environmentally friendly’?
Week 10 Are we alone in the universe?

For additional information, please call 090-8332-9649